Nyungwe Chimpanzee safari and Bird watching

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Trekking chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest is a prime adventure in Rwanda. Yes, thousands of visitors come to Rwanda to view the world famous mountain gorillas, however deep in Rwanda's forests lie over 13 species of primates. These include the striking Golden Monkeys in Volcanoes National Park, hundreds of lively Angolan Colobus Monkeys in Nyungwe National Park, and families of Baboons which can be found strolling leisurely through the savannah of Akagera National Park.
Nyungwe is a fascinating destination for primate lovers where an estimated 500 Chimpanzees can be found as well as the silver monkey and vervet monkey, the olive baboon, L'Hoest's monkey, grey-cheeked mangabeys and the red-tailed monkey.

Eye-To-eye Canopy walk way in Nyungwe forest

The Canopy Walkway which has been competed in the Nyungwe Forest National Park in south western Rwanda is 50 meters above the ground level, and 90 meters longThe dizzying platform is above a steep and deep valley trotting across massive forest.
Tourism officials at the Rwanda Development Board say at that height, tourists will be at the "eye-to-eye level" with different primate species, and many bird species, all of which are fond of inhabiting the upper scales of the forest.
The 200m walkway with three towers are the biggest in East Africa, said RDB in an online statement.
Spread over hundreds of square meters Nyungwe is said to be largest and most ancient Afro-Montane forest remaining in the East & Central Africa, dating back to the last ice age. Nyungwe is a destination of adventure lovers, a paradise of hikers, trekkers and nature lovers. alt If your only claim of being to Rwanda is a certificate of gorilla tracking, go for a masters at Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Nyungwe the largest remaining stand of montane rain forest in East and Central Africa in a real paradise,with deep ravines and cascading waterfalls covered with thick forest. Nyungwe’s biodiversity boasts of over 260 species of trees and shrubs, over 200 species of orchids and giant lobelias. More than 275 species of birds recorded. Among the bird population are the colourful Ruwenzori and Ross’s turacos, Grey –cheeked hornbill, Red-throated alethe, Red-breasted sparrow hawk, White-headed wood-hoopoe, Kungwe apalis, Ruwenzori batis, Blue-headed and Regal sunbirds. Thirteen species (13) species of primates (25% of Africa’s total) including Nyungwe forest was gazetted as a national park in 2004. The park has a total area of 970 KM².
Location and distance from Kigali: Nyungwe forest national park is located to the southwest of Rwanda, 225 Km from Kigali. It is 54 Km from Cyangugu.

Accommodation of high standard

There are several options of accommodation and hotels at Nyungwe Forest. This includes camping facilities at Uwinka right in Nyungwe  forest.
There are also limited rooms in a small cabin at Uwinka for rent. Tourists are advised to to bring their own food with them if they are planning to spend the night at Uwinka in the forest.
The second option is Gisakura guesthouse and Golden Monkey hotel. Gisakura guesthouse is located just outside the forest with basic but confortable rooms. Golden Monkey has more confortable and modern facilities and is located at 20 Km from the forest. It is an ideal hotel for middle class travellers who rather prefer more confortable facilities at affordable prices.  

But that is not all. Nyungwe Forest has a stunning accommodation for high end tourists: Nyungwe Forest Lodge. Nyungwe Forest Lodge is a 5 star hotel right in Nyungwe forest. The hotel facilities coupled with friendly and professional staff will ensure a very memorable chimp trekking safari in Rwanda.


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