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Go Shopping in Kigali: Best Supermarkets and Shops in Kigali

If you are living in Kigali or just travelling to Kigali you would want to know the best places to go for shopping.

The shopping hotspots in Kigali city are no doubt  the Union Trade Center (UTC), the MTN center in Nyarutama and  the new City Tower in the heart of the city. The UTC which dominates the eastern side of Boulevard de la revolution between Place de d'unite Nationale and Place de la constitution. The centrepiece of 2 storey mall is a huge 24 hour branch of the kenyan chain Nakumatt supermakett, by far the best stocked shop of its kind in the city. In addition to a wide range of imported goods, electricals and other household items it has an excellet bakery (freshly baked bread, croissants and other pastries, meat and cheese). The nakumatt is which nakumat is located at has several fast-food outlets, a bourbon coffee for coffee and light meals, a forex bureau, a fast internet cafe, a Rwandair booking office, fashion shops and boutiques, Access bank ATM machine for international Visa/ mastercard withdrawals and  clean public toilets.

Nyarutarama MTN centre has equally fine shopping facilities including a bookshop, a butchery similar to the one in the la galette, a sports bar, a bourbon coffee shop branch, an MTN shop and several other shops and boutiques.

The New City Tower is Kigali's tallest building ; a 20-floor complex in the City's Central Business District of Nyarugenge. The complex houses high tech supermarkets, modern shops, restaurants, cinemas , banks and offices of all sorts. The new Kigali City Tower complex is set on a prime location, designed by acclaimed architects and fitted with the highest standards in building technology.

Holdings, East Africa's largest retail chain recently opened a second outlet in the heart of this stunning building, targeting the city's rising capitalists and travellers. The outlet dubbed Nakumatt City Tower covers 45,000 square feet spread on almost two complete floors. This adds to the retailer's first store in Kigali opened in August 2008 at Union Trade Centre (UTC) complex. The second Nakumatt store offers a range of products ranging from costly fruits and vegetables, clothes and books, chicken ware, candies, furniture and electronic consumer goods such as fridges and microwaves. At the new Nakumatt Kigali Tower, shoppers will enjoy the renowned Nakumatt You need it, they have got it packaged at the most competitive prices.  A wider range of household, furniture, clothing and electronics will be on sale at Nakumatt Kigali Tower and will also feature state of the art tills with Nakumatt Smart Card loyalty program and gift voucher systems.  Shoppers will accumulate points for all their purchases which they will in turn be able to redeem for shopping and other exciting offers.

 Kigali Nakumatt supermarket

In the same area tough, two other kigali heavyweight supermarkets are in place.  Simba supermarket, an Ethiopian owned retailer and Mr Price. Both Simba and Mr Price are popular with affordable but high quality goods including fresh bakery, butchery, cheese, produce, housewares, wine/spirits, cleaners, sweets, sauces and tinned food.  Simba has also also an electrical/appliance area, some furniture and a few clothes. They also have an ATM machine and a very good and affordable café for a meal or take-away pizza and a cold drink.  Simba is a great option for middle budget travellers and it is located across the road from the Nakumatt Supermarket and 2 blocks away from the Centre du Frais Alimentation Generale (another supermarket).

Other major supermarkets in Kigali:

Although, the trio Nakumatt, Simba and Mr Price are making   their names in the heart of the city, there are

alternative shops and supermarket across Kigali.

Ronie Supermarket:

BCK (Boucherie et  Charcuterie de Kigali):

 They have good selection of cheese, but don’t sell soft drinks. Their meat selection is decent and their bread is always nice and fresh, but the rest of the food they have on offer seems to be getting crowded out by household cleaning products and diapers. I’ll go in here if I want something specific that I know they’ll have, but if I’m looking to do a thorough grocery shopping session, I’ll probably just leave this place feeling frustrated.


Located a bit up the hill in front of the UTC Centre, this place is located well and makes an easy stop if you can’t find what you’re after at Nakumatt or Simba. They’re small but have a good selection of dried beans and peas. They seem to be about half food and half random plastic stuff like plastic food containers, plastic tubs and buckets, and various other pastic-y items. They have a small selection of fruit and eggs at the front of the store but that’s about it for fresh produce. They don’t do baguettes but they do have a few other cooked goodies and their vegetable samosas are the best in


T 2000 (say it in French as T deux mille or the locals won’t know what you are asking for) doesn’t sell general groceries but it is probably the cheapest supermarket in town.  Cheapest?  Yes because it sells all kind of chinese  products such as washing tubs, plastic laundry baskets, and shelves.  They have got children Clothing, shoes, blankets and bed sheets or cheap dishes galore and a lot more.

Ndoli’s Joint:

Ndoli’s Joint is in Kisimeti. They have a small produce section in the back corner next to a stall that seems to be dedicated to selling various hunks of cow. They combine food, a random array of household items, booze, chocolate and dairy products nicely. They’ve got a decent selection and you could probably throw a decent meal together but it’s not the best place to do a weekly shopping as some items seem to be really expensive.

La Galette:

La Gallette has two stores for your shopping pleasure (one in Muhima down the road from Simba and another in the MTN Centre in Nyarutarama).  La Galette Muhima stocks a good selection of fresh and imported groceries, In town, there is a good snack-bar attached to this fine supermarket right on bottom of Rue du Marche. The snack bar serves serves fress filled baguette at under RWF 1000 and light meals under RFW 3000, pastries and good coffee.

Both  stores are quite pricey but they have also got plenty of things on offer that you can’t usually find in your average grocery store.

La sierra:

Same as la Galette, La sierra combines a good supermarket and a terrace snack- bar on Boulevard de la revolution,  the snack bar offers burgers, sandwiches and light meals.  At Luchtime, they serve indian influenced buffet at RFW 6500 much pricier compared to its breakfast (usually RWF 2000 or less)


Flulep is in Kicukiro. It’s a smallish supermarket with all of the basics, some fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy. They don’t sell bread but there’s a bakery next door. Although I bought a baguette there once and it had dirt on it.


Woodlands is in Nyarutarama out a few minutes drive past the MTN Centre on a hill. It’s a nicely laid out place with a good variety of stuff including fresh fruit and veggies (that looked like they were good quality), some cakes and cookies, cheese, alcohol, and the usual stuff you can find in every supermarket. Strangely, they also had a selection of refrigerators for sale in case you happened to walk in there with Rwf 400,000 to spare.

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