Best Places To Go in Kigali

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Best Places To Go in Kigali
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Trekking Gorillas in Rwanda's National Park starts in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.

 Rwanda has also made its name as one of the most business fliendly countries in Africa making Kigali Life enjoyable. Kigali is now  home of international companies and world class hotels. With so much going on in Kigali City, Investors and travellers are rushing to the most ambitious city in Africa, Kigali. This guide will help those living in Kigali and the newcomers moving to Kigali to settle or keep pace with Kigali Life once they are in.

Checking out the city!

Rwanda is named land of thousand hills for a reason.  Once you are inside Rwanda, you are surrounded by green hills and mountains almost everywhere. Kigali city, Rwanda’s capital city with the same pattern, is sprawling over numerous hills and valleys, with roads which wind crazily around and across the contours, Kigali can be a confusing city to navigate. 

Although the geography of the city is confusing making Kigali Life a bit hard, you can nearly always spot a landmark to help you find your way to your destination.  Public transport is plentiful and cheap, and if you get lost or exhausted, or it starts to rain, you will never be far from a moto (motorbike taxi) which would get you back to the starting point in no time.

 Many buildings offer great views across Kigali, so if you plan to explore on foot you will do well to start by getting to grips with the geography, map in hand, from one of these:  the panoramic top floor bar of the Top Towers  Hotel  in Kacyiru;  Bourbon Coffee in the MTN building in Nyarutarama;   the upper floors of the Bank of Kigali; the terrace of the Museum of Natural History or and Bourbon Coffee in the UTC building.  And now, there is a new 20 storey skyscraper, the city tower in the heart of the city, the bar is its 20th floor with a view over all directions of Kigali.

Exploring the city from the hilltop of one of Kigali hills offers spectacular views over the capital of Rwanda. You could start your walk by taking a minibus taxi from the centre of town (near the main roundabout with the fountain). Minibus taxis are very cheap and are all labelled with their eventual destination.

Mt Kigali can be reached by heading for Nyamirambo. You will pass a mosque and a stadium before the cobbled road eventually peters out to dirt. There are many routes up – follow your nose or ask locals to direct you. The top comprises a path along a wooded ridge, with very few people about.

 Kigali Hills

The hills above Gikondo and Kicukiro can be reached by taking a taxi to Gikondo - Stade.  Get off at the last stop, and then keep walking uphill. When you reach the ridge, veering left will bring you to Park Juru,  a laid-back outdoor restaurant with pleasant gardens and views over the city. There are numerous roads and tracks all over this ridge, many with spectacular views in all directions to Kigali City. One leads to Kicukiro, where you can find transport back to the city centre.

Closer to the city centre, in the valley above the golf course and between the ridges of Nyarutarama and Kacyiru,  lies a man made lake called Nyagahene and area of woodland and scrub. You should see a wonderful variety of birds – pelicans, egrets, ducks, eagles, jacana and many more. The lake can be reached by walking down behind the Novotel or King Faisal Hospital, or from the MTN centre or the Nyarutarama tennis club. While the heat, the hills and the traffic mean that cycling in Kigali is not for the faint-hearted, it can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience.