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n Uganda's largest and capital city, one can find a large number of Kampala Shopping zones. From colorful and bustling markets to newly developed shopping malls, Kampala now has it all. There are many upscale hotels that cater to the influx of tourists. Here is a list of the top places to go shopping in Kampala.


Garden City


Garden City reflects the very western style of shopping malls and caters mainly to the upper-class locals and tourists. One is able to find a good number of stores selling imported garments, footwear and accessories. Garden City also has an excellent food court that houses many well known fast food restaurants. The mall has a super market, cinema and Internet cafe. Parking is not a problem as Garden City has a huge car park that is well guarded at all times.


Local Crafts


Shopping in Kampala will be incomplete if you have not yet explored the local arts and crafts. Located on Buganda Road is an excellent craft market. Here you will be able to find beaded jewelry, sculptures and other local arts and crafts for good prices. This is a good place to pick up souvenirs if you happen to be looking out for the right ones. Yet another art and craft market lies just behind the plush Garden City mall.


Kasumba Square Mall


Kasumba Square Mall lies at the intersection of Busega Round About and the Northern ByPass Highway. This mall houses a good number of interesting shops and restaurants. There is a guest house that offers rooms at good rates. Tourists and backpackers will find this location to be a perfect one.


Lugogo Shopping Mall


Lugogo Shopping Mall is placed on Jinja Road in Kampala. This shopping mall contains a wide variety of stores, offering tourists and locals a good shopping experience. The complex is huge and stretches over 12,000 square meters. The in-house supermarket stocks locally sourced products such as honey and other fresh produce.




Owino Market

Owino Market is one street side market that no tourist should ever miss. The colors, sights, smells and crowds are sure to overwhelm any visitor, as it is so rare. This market can be found in central Kampala. It is much like a flea market with stalls that sell secondhand items, delicious Ugandan delicacies and more.


Capitol supermarket

Capital is one of the cheapest supermarket in Kampala, it is situated near Nakivubo Market. It is ideal for general groceries, food and drinks .