Best Places To Go in Kampala - ATMs, Banks and Forex Bureaux

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Money Exchange

Kampala is the best place to change whatever money you need for your visit to Uganda. There are countless banks and foreign exchange bureaus along the city’s main drag, Kampala Road. They offer competitive exchange rates far better than you would get in smaller towns where the process is painfully slow as the banks are not familiar with traveller’s cheques.

Kampala’s banks accept US$, GBP, and Euros in both cash and traveller’s cheques in exchange for Uganda Shillings. Both are usually exchanged with no commission. The exchange rate for cash transactions does vary, depending on the denominations changed. For example US$50 and 100 notes receive a higher exchange rate than the smaller US$10 and 20 notes.

Forex Bureaux’s rates are better than Banks.  I have been to both and i found Banks to be having low value exchange rates when selling dollars to them for shillings. And high rates when buying dollars from them.  ATM in Kampala are common and do mainly accept visa-linked cards and are unreliable.

In general,  exchange rates given when withdrawing cash from Ugandan ATMs using an international Visa card are only a little worse than those advertised by other money changers. The commission you get charged (and any other charges) for ATM withdrawals will usually be fixed by your own bank back home. So it better you check these rates before you travel to Uganda or you can look them up online.  Withdrawing money from ATMs will mean you have to carry less cash with you, which you might find advantageous if you're going to be away for a long time.