Hotels in Mackakos

Hotels and Guethouses in Mackakos: A comprehensive hotel guide for travellers looking for cheap, affordable accommodation and luxury hotels in Mackakos, Kenya. There is a good selection of good and cheap hotels in Mackakos. All Mackakos hotels and guesthouses listings have photos galleries, reviews and features helping you to contact the hotel owner for more details, prices or bookings.

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Garden Hotel- Machakos

Mwatu wa Ngoma Road, Next to DC's Office, Machakos; P.O.Box: 223-90100 Machakos

Garden Hotel- Machakos Garden hotel Machakos offers guests a wealth of services and amenities and more than enough space for activities to keep our guests entertained without ever leaving the premises. The services offered are many like computer access and Internet service, Res ...

Telephone+254-4420037/ 20285/ 21737/20037/21255/20623, Mobile: +254-722585637
Fax+254-20-2728682/ 21515

Tea Tot Paradise Hotel Machakos

Along Ngei road,in Machakos town; P.o Box 599-90100 Machakos

Tea Tot Paradise Hotel Machakos Tea Tot Paradise Hotel is the best hotel, located in the Central Business District of Machakos Town, 64km SouthWest of Kenya's Capital City, Nairobi. It is home to the hospitable people of the Kamba Community, nearest Jomo Kinaytta International Airport. ...

Telephone+254-044-20577/83, 21775; 0718-009684, 0736-032366/ + 254-20-260-8702 / +254 7-2477-5027