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Hotels and Guethouses in Kisumu: A comprehensive hotel guide for travellers looking for cheap, affordable accommodation and luxury hotels in Kisumu, Kenya. There is a good selection of good and cheap hotels in Kisumu. All Kisumu hotels and guesthouses listings have photos galleries, reviews and features helping you to contact the hotel owner for more details, prices or bookings.

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Kiboka Bay Resort – Kisumu

P.O. Box 2111- 40100 Kisumu, Kenya

Kiboka Bay Resort – Kisumu Kiboka Bay Resort is located on the shores of the shimmering waters of Lake Vitoria, 10 minutes from the city centre and 20 minutes drive from the Kisumu International Airport. It offers the accommodation in luxurious tents that have air conditioning, wel ...

Telephone+ 254-20-260-8702 / +254 7-2477-5027/ +254 724387738/ +254 733532709

Royal City Hotel - Kisumu, Kenya

Po Box 897 – 40100 kisumu

Royal City Hotel - Kisumu, Kenya Royal City Hotel is located on the famous city of Kisumu on Odera Street, province, less than 30 minutes drive from Kisumu Airport, a short distance from Lake Victoria, in Western Kenya. It provides the accommodations where you can catch a gorgeous view o ...

Telephone+254 57 2022400 / +254 20 2470315; mobile: +254 731 021031

Hotel Dewchurch Drive- Kisumu

Ondiek Hwy, P.O. Box 3050-40100, Kisumu

Hotel Dewchurch Drive- Kisumu Hotel DewChurch Drive is about 6 km from Kisumu International Airport and 1.5 km from central Business District. It is a tranquil sanctuary set within the precincts of Kisumu, the Millennium City. This luxurious boutique hotel is suitable destination for ...

Telephone+2542024205, Mobile: +254700111305

Imperial Hotel Kisumu

Off Jomo Kinyatta Highway,Achieng’Oneko Road, P.O.BOX 1866, Kisumu

Imperial Hotel Kisumu Imperial Hotel Kisumu is located close to the shores of the World's second largest fresh water lake, Lake Victoria which make it more convenient to business executives. The Hotel, being an accolade as a leader in Western Kenya's hospitality industry, ensu ...

Telephone(+254) 57 200 02/ +254 57 22661-5; +254 734 608111/ +254 721240515
Fax(+254) 57 226 87

The Vic Hotel Kisumu – kisumu

P.O. Box 2111 - 40100 Kisumu, Kenya

The Vic Hotel Kisumu – kisumu The Vic Hotel Kisumu is truly unique hotel located in Mega City, along Nairobi road in Kisumu and seeks to give the business or leisure traveler a relaxing home-away-from-home atmosphere. The Vic Hotel Kisumu offers a complete leisurely experience with st ...

Telephone+254 20 8066847/8

Kisindi Lodge & Spa - kisumu

Western Kenyan country side , Kendu Bay, Nyanza, Lake Victoria ; Po Box 800-40123 Mega City Kisumu, Kenya

Kisindi Lodge & Spa - kisumu Kisindi Lodge & Spa is located along the shores of Lake Victoria at the foot of Homa Hills in the lush green Western Kenyan country side and offers the ingredients of a restful stay; just 1½ hours drive by car or an easy 2½ hour cruise over the lake from ...

Telephone+254 20 260 8702/ +254 7 2477 5027/ +254 (0)20-2631701

Kisumu Hotel Maseno University - Kisumu

Jomo Kenyatta Highway within the Central Business District, Po Box 3335-40100 Maseno, kisumu, Kenya

Kisumu Hotel Maseno University - Kisumu Kisumu hotel is located along the main thoroughfare of Kisumu City, in the city of Kisumu, 4.5 kilometers from the airport; 3 minutes walk to an all inclusive shopping and banking complex. It hosts tour operators, medical facilities and utility service pr ...

Telephone+254-057-2022833/ +254 733500036 (mobile)
Fax+254-057-202 0508

Rusinga Island Lodge, Kisumu

Lake Victoria, P O Box 272, Kisumu (& Lake Victoria)

Rusinga Island Lodge, Kisumu Rusinga Island Lodge is located in Rusinga Island by the shores of Lake Victoria in Western Kenya. It offers accommodation combine to offer an ideal home from which to explore other areas of East Africa. It is a 4 hours drive from Kisumu to the island. Th ...

Telephone+ 254 20 2531314/ +254 20 882028/170/598 (reservations

Jumuia Hotel Kisumu

Jumuia Hotel Kisumu Jumuia Hotel is located centrally in the heart of Kisumu city’s central business district, a few minutes from Kisumu Airport. It operated in Christian value and its vision is to be the leading Christian resort chain in Kenya; offering world class hospital ...

Telephone+254 057 2020014/ 0572020339/ 0738444493/ 0713576969
Fax+254 057 2023712