Yod Abyssinia Traditional Food - Addis Ababa

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YOD Abyssinia is a Traditional Restaurant, established in 2003 and is one of the pioneering and most reputable traditional restaurants in Addis Ababa. YOD means witness or 'speak out’ in the Gurage ethnic group where the owner, Ato Tizazu Kore, is originally from.The waiters, dressed elegantly with traditional Ethiopian clothes, are always attentive to serve with the hospitable Ethiopian smile. The menu, beautifully designed and made from animal skin, incorporates various Ethiopian cuisines.YOD prides itself for serving more than 35 varieties of local dishes comprising fasting food (made of array of vegetables) and non-fasting foods. The list comprises of various type of ‘wot’ from beef and lamb, ‘doro wot’ (spicy chicken stew, a rare delicacy in Ethiopia), ‘tibs’ roasted mea, ‘kitfo’ minced beef etc served on ‘injera; a spongy pancake made of a local cereal ‘tef’, which are perfectly suitable for mainstream diners.YOD serves ‘areke’ local gin of about twelve flavors of orange, coffee, lemon etc. The ‘tej’ local honey wine (mead) is also served in two varieties, mild and stronger ones. After just a glass of ‘tej’, one can’t help finding himself/herself on the stage along with the dancers trying one of the Ethiopian dances. Most white people enjoys the ‘tibis’ roasted meat, whereas the far Easterners enjoy ‘tripa’ a delicious dish made of animal stomach. Africans enjoy almost everything in the menu.Inside the restaurant, on the right, stands a big room like portray of the traditional Ethiopian coffee pot stands where every evening a young girl makes and serves delicious coffee in a genuine Ethiopian ceremony where fresh grasses and flowers decorate the floor around the ‘coffee table’ area and the charcoal fire with smoke from the incense in the air smarten the ceremony. It is one astounding experience to witness the steps in the interesting ceremony from washing and rinsing the coffee beans, and roasting them with the aroma filling the air, to pounding them in a mortar with pestle, and then serving the coffee along with popcorn. In the process, the aroma of fresh ground coffee, along with the odor from the fresh grass, charcoal fire and incense are mesmerizing. Music and Dance Every evening Monday to Monday, live performance of songs of the diverse Ethiopian ethnic groups flow from the stage by untiring singers and dancers accompanied by traditional musical instruments. YOD provides audio descriptions of the songs and dances for guests. The Oromo, the Tigrigna, Gurage, the Amhara and other Ethiopian ethnic group dances and music are included on the daily live performance to the utmost satisfaction of customers.It is customarily for guest singers to perform at YOD with their Ethiopian counterparts. It is one astonishing experience to see foreign musicians who come to enjoy the smashing Ethiopian food, drink and live music and dance from the stage take part in the perfor
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