Government Agencies

A comprehensive list of Government Agencies in Rwanda. Includes key contacts details as well as physical locations.

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Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA)

Rue de Bigogwe – Kiyovu, Ex. Fair House Building(4th floor), Kigali

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA) RURA was created in 2001 with a mission to regulate nad oversee public utilities, namely: Telecommunications network and telecommunications services, electricity; water; removal of waste products from residential or business premises, extraction and distr ...

Telephone250 252 755501001

Rwanda Revenue Authority ( RRA)

6th Floor, Kimihurura, Avenue du Lac Muhazi

Rwanda Revenue Authority ( RRA) Rwanda Revenue Authority is a national Agency responsable of collecting, and accounting for tax, customs and other specified revenues through effective administration and enforcement of the laws relating to those revenues. In addition, it is mandated to c ...

Telephone+250 252595500

Student Financing Agency for Rwanda (SFAR)

Student Financing Agency for Rwanda, SFAR was etablished in July 2003 as a semi-autonomous agency with overall responsibility for implementing and managing all student financing schemes, the agency has been entrusted with the responsibility of information ...

Telephone(+250) 580293/4
Fax(+250) 580292

Rwanda Directorate General Of Immigration And Emigratio...

BP 6229

Rwanda Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration has a mission to create a secure, enabling environment for increased trade, investments, tourism and skills development through professional conduct and offering the following services: Issuing visa ...


Rwanda Development Board

Boulevard de l'Umuganda, Gishushu, Nyarutarama Road. P.O. Box 6239 Kigali, Rwanda

Rwanda Development Board The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) was set up by bringing together all the government agencies responsible for the entire investor experience under one roof. This includes key agencies responsible for business registration, investment promotion, environme ...

Fax+250 252 580388

Rwanda Agriculture Board

P.O Box 5016 Kigali-Rwanda

Rwanda Agriculture Board The Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) is a government institution located in District Kicukiro the capital; to provide research and extension services in order to improve agriculture services delivery. RAB has many responsibilities and is in charge of implem ...

TelephoneCall toll free: 4675

National Agricultural Export Development Board

NAEB offices are located at Gikondo Same premises former OCIR-THE and OCIR-CAFE. P.o.Box: 104 Kigali- Rwanda

National Agricultural Export Development Board The Formation of National Agricultural Export Development Board is registered Under Ministry of Agriculture and aimed to improve the balance of payment of Rwanda Economy through increased agricultural exports. The NAED was set up by bringing together thre ...

Telephone(250) 252 575 600

Rwanda Biomedical Center

P.O.Box:7162 Kigali-Rwanda

Rwanda Biomedical Center Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) was created for establishing Rwanda Biomedical center (RBC) and determining its mission, organization and functioning. The vision of the RBC is to become a Center of Excellence for the prosperity of the country, ensuring qua ...

Rwanda Correctional Service

Po. Box 6516 Kigali Rwanda

Rwanda Correctional Service Rwanda Correctional Service has transformed itself into an institution that rehabilitates convicts to become responsible citizens when they eventually serve their time rather than a punishment oriented body.RCS has tremendously increased production throug ...

Telephone+250 252 585646
Fax+250 252 58564

Transport Transport Development Agency

c/o Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

Transport Transport Development Agency Transport Transport Development Agency deals with matters relating to roads, railway /train, waterways transport in Rwanda. It coordinates matters relating to roads, railway /train, waterways transport and air transport.

Telephone+250 252 580804

Rwanda Education Board

Rwanda, City of Kigali, Gasabo District, Remera Sector, Stadium Road, Remera .P.O. Box 3817, Kigali, Rwanda

Rwanda Education Board Rwanda Education Board coordinates activities of the National Curriculum Development Centre, Teacher Service Commission, General Inspectorate, National Examination Council and the Students Financing Agency of Rwanda (SFAR). Others are units in charge ICT ...

Telephone+250 255 110 503

National Electoral Commission

National Electoral Commission The mission of the National Electoral Commission is to prepare and conduct elections from the level of Cells, Sectors, Districts, Municipality and the Kigali City, Councils and Executive committees, Referendum, Legislative, Presidential, and any other ele ...

Human Rights Commission – Rwanda

National Commission for Human Rights – Rwanda; PO Box 269 Kigali, Rwanda

Human Rights Commission – Rwanda HRCR is a constitutional, independent and permanent national organ especially in charge of the promotion, protection and monitoring of the respect for human rights. The NCHR encourages mediation, as deemed necessary, and can file complaints with compete ...

Telephone+250 252 50 4273/4
Fax+250 252 50 4270

Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO

Commission Nationale Rwandaise pour l’UNESCO; B.P. 2502 Kigali - Rwanda

Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO UNESCO is the only UN Agency to have a global network of national cooperating bodies known as National Commissions for UNESCO. National Commissions make part of the overall constitutional architecture of the Organization. UNESCO has many mission and reali ...

Telephone02 55 10 23 50

Teachers Service Commission

Teachers Service Commission The professionalism of the teaching service is guided by an information-based and outcomes-driven Teachers service Commission (TSC). The TSC is responsible for teacher licencing, promotions, retirement and deaths. It is also deals with issues of the deman ...

Public Service Commission

P.O. Box. 6913, Nobiscum House 3rd and 4th Floor, Remera, KIGALI.

Public Service Commission The Public Service Commission (PSC) is a national body. These activities include among others the resolution of conflicts and disputes arising between employees and employers and which disputes were brought before the Commission, providing advisory servic ...

National HIV/AIDS Control Commission

Commission National de lutte contre le Sida (CNLS); BP 7162 Kigali Rwanda

National HIV/AIDS Control Commission The Government restructured the coordination of AIDS control activities by creating the NACC (the objective was to promote a multi sectoral approach and strengthen cooperation), and by establishing TRAC to strengthen the Health Sector’s capacity to respon ...

Telephone+250 503980/ 582018
Fax+250 503979/ 583325

National Unity and Reconciliation Commission

Po Box: 174 Kigali Rwanda

National Unity and Reconciliation Commission The National Unity and Reconciliation Commission serves as an institutions that strives to a promote peace, unity and prosperity in Rwanda, through the preparation and coordination of national programs aimed at building national unity and reconciliation a ...

Telephone(+250) 571761
Fax(+250) 571759

Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC)

Kigali Rwanda

Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) The main mission of the Ministry of Local Government is: "Promoting the well-being of the population by good governance, community development and social affairs." In addition, it ensures coordination of good governance programs and high quality territori ...

Ministry of infrastructure (MININFRA)

Po.Box 24 Kigali Rwanda

Ministry of infrastructure (MININFRA) Mission and purpose of the Ministry of infrastructure is to ensure the sustainable development of infrastructure and contribute to economic growth with a view to enhancing the quality of life of the population.

Telephone+ 250 252582619
Fax+ 250 252582618/21