Banque Populaire du Rwanda

Banque Populaire du Rwanda SA (BPR), is a commercial bank in Rwanda. The bank is one of the commercial banks in the Republic of Rwanda, licensed by National Bank of Rwanda, the national banking regulator. BPR was a medium-sized financial services provider in Rwanda. Its total asset valuation was in excess of US$185 million (RWF:109.2 billion). The bank maintains eighteen (18) branches and is focused in lending to businesses in the agricultural sector. Its loan book in December 2010 totalled over US$132 million (RWF:78.1 billion). Shareholders' equity in the bank is estimated at US$10 million (RWF:5.8 billion).In January 2008, following thirty three years of experience in the Rwandan financial sector, UBPR was transformed from a cooperative bank into a commercial bank: “Banque Populaire du Rwanda S.A”. In June 2008, Rabobank, the Dutch cooperative banking conglomerate, acquired 35% shareholding in BPR. In July 2012, Visa Inc. certified the bank to issue visa-branded debit and credit cards
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