Kigali International Community School - KICS

Caisse Sociale Estates, Gaculiro, Kigali
+250 783 307 282
Kigali International Community School [KICS] is a Christian, non-profit school, founded in 2006, which offers an educational program from kindergarten through grade 12. While prioritizing placement for children of missionaries and Christian cross-cultural workers, KICS affords children of all nationalities an education similar to that offered by schools in the USA. Kigali International Community School is located at Caisse Sociale Estates, Gaculiro, BP 6558, Kigali, Rwanda. It has been an Association of Christian Schools International Continuous Member since 2007.The mission at KICS is to provide a Christ-centered, U.S. accredited primary and secondary education to children of missionary families - and other international and national children - that challenges students to excel academically and live out a biblical worldview.
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