Bars and Night Clubs

There are a wide range of bars, cafes and clubs all over Rwanda. Kigali and tourist resorts in Rwanda have some of the most popular clubs in the country. Whatever type of bar or club you are looking for, you will find it in Rwanda. During the weekend and after midnight Papyrus can be overcrowded and reeking of sweat. The mu­sic tends to be the same week in and week out, with fair prices for drinks.

A slightly cheaper option in the same area is Sundowner up the road from Papyrus. Although it favours anyone with a taste for oldies and old school mu­sic during week nights, it has a variety of music over the weekend and attracts a large crowd. The service is a nightmare, though – it takes ages to get the atten­tion of one of the many waiters, and even longer to get an order and the bill.

Shooters in Kacyiru is for those looking for cultural perfomances as  they host a unique Spoken Word attracting an assembly of poets, musicians, writers, and different genres of artists and fans, Spoken Word offers a free platform of expression and the atmosphere is great.  Le Must, which is the smallest night club in Kigali charge 5.000Rwf a head for entrance. The atmosphereis vey cozy but the  size can be a problem to anyone who prefers space. There is a terrace outside that can cater to these needs although it won't be of much use for anyone who has a problem with mosquitos girls.

Club Galaxy also known as Muhima Club also charges Frw 5000 for men but women get in free of charge. The ambiance is greater than the shooters and  also  has better music.  Although it tends to get stuffy as the night goes on.  Lighting and decor are impressive which prob­ably explains high prices.

Planet Club at KBC in Kacyiru and New cadillac Night clubs are the most popular nightclubs in Kigali, they both have huge space and charge low prices. they play a mixture of local and Western pop artists. Both clubs usually kick off well past midnight with decent music with mostly young but..well good crowd. Planet Club also has an ideal set-up for pool enthusiasts. But both Planet and cadillac are infected by mosquitos girls the only reason they are not among my favourites.

And finally if you are  one of those who enjoy interracting with locals in local bars, you should head to the Car Wash, where you can have a cocktail at the garden bar with some locals who are relaxing while their car is getting washed or head to Migina right opposite the main gate of Amahoro stadium in Remera surbub. with a wide selection of bars like Mukunzi, Jackson's bar, Selecta, Vaticano and many more. The clientele is as is expected in any local bar, the beers are fairly priced and the music – although no different from what you would find in a typical Kigali bar – is danced to by energetic young crowds. Ikaze iwacu i Rwanda!


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Executive Carwash Bar - Kigali

Kimihurura, Kigali

Executive Carwash Bar - Kigali Yes it is a carwash! But There is one of the brilliant bars in Kigali with a huge garden bar serving drinks of all sorts and stacks. Rwandans drop their cars off for a wash and give their tonsils a bit of a tickle with beer. carwash bar is in Kimihurura a ...

Republika Lounge Bar - Kigali

Rue de l'Akanyaru, Kiyovu, Kigali

Republika Lounge Bar - Kigali Republika Lounge is an ideal place to meet with friends, family or business colleagues. Comfortable and spacious with a lovely ambiance, this is not only a bar but also one of the best restaurant in town. Its modern and well designed with a touch of Afric ...

Telephone+250 788303030

New cadillac Club - Kigali

Kimihurura, Gasabo District (not far from Carwash Bar & restaurant)

New cadillac Club - Kigali New Cadillac Club is the trendiest and most popular night sport in Kigali. This long-running club is still just about holding off all-comers to remain the the place to be for Kigali nightlife. It located in the Kimihurura district not far from the centre ...

Planet Club at KBC - Kigali


Planet Club at KBC - Kigali Planet Club is a modern night club located at KBC ( Kigali Business Centre). It has a good dance floor, a bar and a lounge. The trouble is that the music in the relaxation lounge is just as loud if not louder than the disco area! Drinks are cheap in ...

Le Must - Kigali


Le Must is the smallest night club in Kigali but the most stylish and cozy. It charges 5.000Rwf a head for entrance and there is a dress code. The atmosphere is impressive but the size can be a problem to anyone who prefers space. There is a terrace outsi ...