Nazret (Adama) Hotels

A comprehensive hotel guide for travellers looking for cheap and affordable accommodation and hotels in Nazret - Ethiopia. There is a good selection of good and cheap hotels and guest houses in Nazret. All Nazret ( Adama) Hotels and guest houses listings have photos galleries, reviews and features able you to contact the hotel owner for more details, prices or bookings.

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Adama German Hotel - Nazareth / Nazret

Adama German Hotel - Nazareth / Nazret Adama German Hotel is located right in front of Ras Hotel in Adama. It has a total of 29 spacious rooms and each has a balcony. The hotel is the newerest in the city. The staff are extremely friendly and professional.

Adama Ras Hotel - Nazareth / Nazret

P.o.Box 28, Adama, Ethiopia

Adama Ras Hotel - Nazareth / Nazret Adama Ras Hotel is located right on the main road from Addis Ababa in Nazareth / Nazret. It offers standard accommodation and dining services. Adama Ras hotel has 66 rooms, each with bath and hot water. The hotel also includes a conference hall, a lawn te ...

Telephone+251 22 1112188
Fax+251 22 111 1875

Safaris Lodge , Adama (Nazareth) - Ethiopia

P.O. Box 841, Adama

Safaris Lodge , Adama (Nazareth) - Ethiopia The Safari Lodge in located in Adama also known as Nazareth. As you enter the main town of Adama, 100 meters away from the bridge you can spot their sign on the right hand side is a resort hotel located 99km away from the capital city of Addis Ababa. We a ...

Telephone+251 22 1 12 20 11/13
Fax+251 22 1 11 51 02