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La Rwandaise d'Assurance Maladie ( RAMA)

ECOBANK Building, 6th and 9th floors

La Rwandaise d'Assurance Maladie ( RAMA) RAMA mission is to ensure that members access to quality health care according to high standards. We aim  to broaden the range of benefits and cover other categories of the population not yet covered under the law. We are committed to monitor and m ...



14 Boulevard de la revolution, Kigali

SONARWA SA Sonarwa is the leader of insurance services in Rwanda. Its mission is to provide clients with affordable and reliable insurance and financial solutions while enhancing economic growth in Rwanda and the region through productive investment activities. We a ...

Telephone(+250-252-572101/4, 573350


Bolvd de la Revolution, Soras Building3th Floor

SORAS SA Société Rwandaise d’Assurances-SORAS SA is the first Private Insurance Company to be registered and to operate in Rwanda. It was established on July 2nd 1984 and it started its operations on the 15th November 1984. SORAS was a subsidiary and had a close t ...

Telephone+250-252-573716, 573714, 573712


Phoenix Phoenix has one of the largest treaties within East Africa. In Rwanda it offers non-life insurance offering non-life products available worldwide including Travel insurance among others. Phoenix is backed by very strong reinsurers including MunichRe (Germ ...

AAR health Services

AAR health Services AAR offers affordable travel medical insurance, individiual health plans, corporate health insurance covers and emergency rescue plans in rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. AAR is the largest and most successful private health care company in East Africa. It opera ...

Military Medical Insurance (MMI)

Military Medical Insurance (MMI) The Military Medical Insurance (MMI) was established by the Law No 23/2005 of 12/12/2005 determining its organization and functioning. The main purpose of the MMI is to uplift the welfare of its members by providing the medical insurance within the count ...

Prime Life Ltd

Prime Life Ltd Prime Life Assurance Ltd (Prime Life Ltd) is promoted by COGEAR Ltd, one of the well known insurance companies in the Rwandan insurance market supported by its own shareholders. Prime Life Assurance Ltd has been established as a result of the statutory r ...