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Shopping: Best supermarkets and Shops in Addis Ababa


Merkato: The merkato is the largest outdoor market in the world, and you can get anything from tourist goods (t-shirts, wood crafts, etc.) to fabric to metal goods there. Haggling and bargaining are standard procedure, and foreigners (especially those of European ancestry) should expect to be charged higher prices. To ensure a positive experience, maintain a sense of humour, don't be afraid to negotiate aggressively, and above all don't let yourself be bullied by the many "brokers" who frequent the market, and will try to steer you towards certain stores in exchange for a kick-back from the merchant. You will be able to negotiate lower prices if you can avoid brokers, and especially if you have a local friend or guide to buy things on your behalf.

Friendship Supermarket - on Bole Road: Well-stocked western-style supermarket - and they accept Visa. There are colourful ethiopian souvenirs in the underground floor. Make sure you bargain hard here!

Edna Mall on Telebole – Not only Edna mall has modern shops with the latest gadgets and clothing but Edna mall also is synonymous of Cinemas in Addis Ababa. It has a very good cinema Hall and they are not behind with the latest movies. Some movies are screened in 3D at 60birr per person.

Dembel City Centre - Dembel City Centre is fine building in Bole area with a collection of nice supermarkets and shops . Those who go shopping in Dembel City Centre are rewarded with a fine restaurant - Cafe: The Dembel Dome.

Getu Commercial centre -It is located on Bole road with good brand and souvenirs shops. And again, there is a good buffet restaurant in the 5th floor, the Cloud 9. The view over the city from cloud 9 is fantastic. In the week end you can watch premiership matches and other live sports from here. A well-known -New York Café - is opposite the building while - the Elephant Walk café – is a bit down on the same bole road.

Bambis department store - run by an Italian Lady, very good product

New York Supermarket - near Bole Olympia

Shoa Supermarket on Bole Rd -

Novis Supermarket - on Bole Road, near Friendship

Fantu Supermarket - on Bole road in same building as Wassamar Hotel