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Bank and forex Bureaux in Addis Ababa:


By 2011, ATM - Cash Machines - are found throughout Addis Ababa.  Dashen Bank is a principal member of both VISA and MasterCard International and has deployed 55 ATMs in Addis Ababa and around the major cities like Bahir Dar, Gondar, Mekelle, Awassa, Dessies, Nazret, Dire Dawa and Harar.

Some of the ATMs are found at D.H. Geda Tower (next to Friendship City Centre) accept both VISA and Mastercard, Dembel City Center (quite hidden, use the main entrance, than to the left, at the window), Edna Mall at the main entrance , in some Addis Ababa hotels (Hilton, Sheraton, Intercontinental, Wabi Shebelle Hotel, Ethiopia Hotel, Semien Hotel, Harmony Hotel). Also near the National Museum (Lucy Gazebo Restaurant), ground floor of Getu Commercial centre ( there is a good restaurant in 4th floor by the way. It’s called cloud 9) just at the entrance and some branches of Dashen Bank .

Please note that not all cards are accepted everywhere, Dashen Bank ATMs accept VISA/Master card/Cirrus/Plus. CBE ATMs are now internationalised and have touch screen technology.

HILTON is best place to change/get money. It has 4 ATMs (outside near Hair Salons) and inside on ground floor two banks, Nib and United, have forex bureaux that are very quick for changing your hard currency cash. The Commercial Bank just few metres away from the Elephant Café, Bole Road has a good exchange rate too.

Cash on Credit Cards at Dashen Bank in Sheraton but at 6% and US$ 500 max per day.

There is a black market where you can get a slightly better rate, especially if you bargain, check your money very carefully before you leave and do not allow it to leave your hand after your final count. Most souvenir shops off Churchill Road and Zambia Street do it.

Working ATM at airport is in Immigration area next to banks. By September 2011, there is an ATM available in the Bole airport at the left side of the customs exit (about 10m away)